I hereby agree to become an Independent Marketing Partner of Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited and to participate in its Business Marketing Plan. As an Independent Representative, I understand and agree that:

1. I am a major and competent to execute this agreement.

2. I have studied & carefully reviewed the business plan, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. I shall become a marketing sum Independent representative forming part of this agreement upon acceptance of application form. I shall have the right to introduce & promote new marketing partners.

3. I understand that Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited at its discretion may amend the Business Marketing Plan, its rules, regulations, policies and procedures and terms & conditions of this Marketing cum Representative agreement and shall notify its representatives or marketing partners about amendments, alterations, deletions or additions from time to time to cope with the government policies or economic conditions etc.

4. I hereby confirm that I have entered into this agreement as Independent Contractor. My status shall remain as that of an independent marketing partner and not as an employee. I shall take upon this business as my very own business and shall bear all expenses and operational costs incurred to run the same.

5. I hereby confirm that as a marketing partner I shall strive to develop my business in the most efficient way and I shall assist my downline marketing partners in building their direct marketing business.

6. I hereby confirm that in the process of sponsoring new recruits or promoting Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited, I shall not attempt to induce customers by quoting unsubstantiated examples and claims or misappropriate the money of downline marketing partners or customers.

7. I will not use the trademark of Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited except in advertisement provided by Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited, neither shall I advertise the concept and/or neither business plan of Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited on my own nor I shall recruit any new marketing partners through any media. I am however permitted to promote the same only through personal contact and word of mouth.

8. I shall under no circumstances re-pack or alter the packaging or labeling of the materials in any way.

9. I shall solely be responsible for the compliance with applicable taxation requirements.

10. I understand that company shall not be liable for non performance of its obligations under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

11. The payment by newly appointed marketing partner shall not be refunded up to two years in any circumstances and first incentive payment after appointment of newly marketing partner will be paid after 30 to 45 days after his/her appointment.

12. As per Company’s business plan, this agreement will terminate after two years automatically. If any Independent Marketing Partner wants to extend or to renew the same, he would express his/her intention in writing well in time to company two months before expiry of agreement and deposit stipulated renewal charges, if any. The company reserves the right to accept or reject the same.

13. I understand that only a representative of Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited, who has received training and directed by the company to do the same, can make public presentations of Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited’s Business Marketing Plan.

14. I understand upon death of the Independent Representative the rights and responsibilities of the Independent Representative are passed to the rightful nominee as per law. The nominee shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the original Independent Marketing Partners application form and agreement.

15. I understand that Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited also reserves the right to terminate any representative at any time.

16. There will be monthly closing of sales and Independent representative will receive their incentives only in the form of cheques or bank transfers.

17. I understand that Independent Representative is not allowed to display company’s materials for commercial purpose.

18. I agree to under to submit my complaint/grievances/claim against the company or a representative of the company if any to arbitration in terms of Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. However all proceedings shall come within the jurisdiction of High Court of Delhi and such proceedings shall be held in Delhi only.

19. This agreement will be binding upon receipt at the company’s registered office and upon the acceptance thereafter by Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited.

20. All legal matters subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.

21. I acknowledge that I have read and understood and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. This agreement in not in force until accepted by Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited. Any person contravening any rules, regulations and by laws of this agreement or deviation from Winning Step Products (OPC) Private Limited’s Business Marketing Plan, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures, or causing any unlawful loss to the company shall be terminated with immediate effect and such action both civil & criminal shall be proceeded with against him as may be available to the company.